FODMAP Help and Resources

Below are links to some resources Bay found super helpful and wish she’d known about from day one of following a Low FODMAP Diet. There are quite a few links here, but you’ll soon work out your favourite ones which you keep going back to.

  • Monash University App

    Researchers at Monash University in Australia developed the Low FODMAP Diet and so it makes perfect sense that their FODMAP app is the best! It’s often updated and has a really clear to understand traffic light system, showing foods low, moderate and high in FODMAPs. It also breaks foods down into two serving sizes, so some foods are shown as safe in smaller portion sizes, meaning you don’t need to cut them out completely.

  • Food Maestro FODMAP App

    The Food Maestro FODMAP App has been developed in partnership with Kings College London, and like Monash’s app, it’s very useful for it’s extensive food lists. The unique selling point of this app however is it’s barcode scanner, and the huge range of foods which are loaded on the app – so it’s perfect for taking food shopping as you can scan most barcodes and quickly see if the product is suitable or not!

The IBS Network

The IBS Network is the UKs national charity supporting those who are living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You can join for £24 per month, which gives you access to many helpful resources, fact pages and more. They run support groups, share lots of safe recipes and provide information to help you better manage your IBS and improve your quality of life.

British Dietetic Association (BDA)

The British Dietetic Association Food Allergy & Intolerance Group and Gastroenterology Specialist Group are all great for their fact pages, FAQ pages, help finding a clinic and more.

Monash University

Monash University have pages on their site dedicated to the Low FODMAP Diet. You will find links to download their app (I would highly recommend doing so), FAQs and a video showing how the Low FODMAP Diet works.

  • Low FODMAP Recipes & Support

    The Low FODMAP Recipes & Support Facebook group is a fantastic online community of IBS sufferers from all over the world. A few of the groups admins are IBS/FODMAP trained dieticians, so you can not only get support and advice from others who are living with IBS but also from trained professionals who might be able to help with more detail.

  • UK Low FODMAP Community

    This is a great community to share experiences and ask questions. As this is just in the UK, it can be more helpful in other areas too – like sharing safe branded products available in UK supermarkets, discussing experiences of ordering Low FODMAP meals in UK chain restaurants and also sharing UK based recipes.

  • A Little Bit Yummy

    This blog is fantastic – full of so many helpful blogs and delicious recipes! Alana Scott from New Zealand has developed this blog and all recipes are checked and approved by registered dieticians. Alan’s articles cover everything from how to manage a Low FODMAP Diet whilst travelling to 5 Low FODMAP ways to boost your fibre intake! Alana has also recently launched FODMAP meal plans on her site.

    She Can’t Eat What?!

    Emma Hatcher lives in London and developed the ‘She Can’t Eat What?!’ blog. Just like Alana’s it’s full of delicious recipes – you can tell Emma is a keen Low FODMAP cook! Emma has suffered with IBS since being a teenager and so overtime has developed a huge range of recipes. Her cookbook ‘The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen’, which I mention a little lower down, is packed with FODMAP approved recipes. Emma’s blog is a really interesting read with some fantastic interview articles from a range of key influencers, as well as one from me, Bay, founder of Bay’s Kitchen!

  • Kate Scarlata

    Kate Scarlata is a FODMAP and IBS expert form the US. Her blog has some really useful articles and also a page of very handy FODMAP Resources, including the ‘Grab & Go Pass’ and ‘Low and High FODMAP Diet Checklists’.

    FODMAP Friendly

    FODMAP Friendly are a worldwide certification body for Low FODMAP foods. Bay’s Kitchen are working with FODMAP Friendly to certify our products so you can have the assurance they are definitely low in FODMAPs. They have a great blog, FAQs page and lots of info on FODMAPs on their website.

    Bay’s Blog

    Don’t forget our blog! We write about latest key new stories from the FODMAP and IBS world, share delicious Low FODMAP recipes and write blog articles on what it’s like to live with IBS and tips to help manage it.

Gut by Guilia EndersGut by Guilia Enders is an absolutely fascinating read. Even within the first few pages I learnt so much about the gut and how complex it is and how it can so easily go wrong! There are some staggering facts in here but it’s been written so well that it’s informative but interesting! It’s definitely worth reading, to understand more about your digestive system as it makes so much sense of everything.

The FODMAP Friendly KitchenAs mentioned earlier, this is the amazing cookbook by Emma Hatcher. Written in association with FODMAP Friendly, The FODMAP Friendly Kitchen by Emma Hatcher is a cookbook packed with delicious, Low FODMAP approved recipes. By far one of my favourite Low FODMAP cookbooks to use!

The Low FODMAP Recipe BookThe Low FODMAP Recipe Book by Lucy Whigham is a new cookbook on the market – released in June 2017. As it is so new I haven’t had a chance to make many of the dishes yet, but by flicking through they all look so good and the ones I have tried have gone down brilliantly at home!

Low FODMAP 28-Day PlanLow FODMAP 28-Day Plan was the first Low FODMAP cook book that I bought after being diagnosed with IBS and advised to follow a Low FODMAP Diet by my GP. It has some really simple dishes to get you started and a few Low FODMAP alternatives of staple dishes which are so useful at the beginning when you are adjusting to quite a big change in your diet. The planner and grocery list were incredibly helpful and made the Low FODMAP Diet far less daunting, as I didn’t feel like I was starting completely from scratch.

The Low-FODMAP Diet CookbookThe Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook by Dr Sue Shepherd isn’t new on the market but it is another new one to my collection. I have really taken to this book as it contains so many recipes but most are what I would call ‘normal food’ – they are recipes of ‘normal’ meals you would actually make and enjoy, yet without the FODMAPs, gluten etc. The blueberry pancakes and chocolate scones are two of my favourites so far!

Re-challenging and Reintroducing FODMAPsRechallenging and Reintroducing Fodmaps is a book by Lee Martin. It’s ‘A self-help guide to the entire reintroduction phase of the low FODMAP diet’ – as this is a very challenging and fairly complex stage, this book really helps you follow the stage and successfully start to reintroduce foods.

Free From Heaven

Free From Heaven is a great magazine where you can catch up on latest Free From news, product launches, delicious new recipes, some great interviews, surveys and more!

The Allergy & Free From Show

This show runs every year for one weekend in each of four locations around the UK. It’s a fantastic show for the public to attend (free of charge!) to find new Free From brands and products, watch live cooking demonstrations, talk with expert consultants and listen to fascinating speakers. It’s not all about food and drink either – in their words it’s a show for “anyone living with allergies, intolerances, eczema or coeliac disease, or living ‘free from’ gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy, or need to avoid dust mites, latex or any other material”


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